In order to grow the sport it is imperative that we create excitement and interest at provincial level when competing at National Tournaments.  There is no greater achievement at school level than being selected to play for your province and ultimately receiving school colours for this achievement.

As this sport is unique and quite small in some provinces, there is often insufficient players to make up a team who can represent their province. In the past, players have played for other provinces to ensure that they are not excluded from tournaments and this practice will continue in the future.  However, it is important that rules and regulations are put in place to prevent provinces from “selecting” players outside of their province while excluding players in their own province.

Junior Leagues:

The following are the leagues which are available for players to participate in at Junior National Tournaments;  however these can change if insufficient teams enter per category.  This will be left up to the discretion of the organising body:

  • U13 Boys
  • U13 Girls
  • U15 Men
  • U15 Ladies
  • U19 Men
  • U19 Ladies

Junior Age Groups Classification:

The following are the age groups in South Africa:

  • U13 Boys and Girls:
    • required to be 12 or younger on the 1st January in the year in which the competition is being held
    • required to be in Primary / Junior School
  • U15 Men and Ladies:
    • required to be 14 or younger on the 1st January in the year in which the competition is being held
  • U19 Men and Ladies:
    • you are still a scholar
    • required to be 18 or younger on the 1st January in the year in which the competition is being held

 Team Make-Up:

  1. The overriding priority is for all players registered in a province to play for that province as this is a National (inter provincial) event.
  2. The second priority is for teams to fall into the gender specific age groups as above. However if insufficient players per gender group, the province can then decide to either:
  • Enter a mixed team; or
  • Find players from another province; or
  • Allow their players to play for another province

 Note:  All mixed teams play in the Men’s league specific to their age category.

The Rules:

If insufficient players in a province, the following will apply:

  • The province needs to advice the organising tournament province
  • The organising tournament province to seek players and teams accordingly
  • Once potential teams established the following protocol needs to be actioned by the province(s):
    • Release form the registered province for that player to move for the duration of the tournament
    • SAUWHF to sanction this agreement


In the event a player falls outside the parameters of this policy (i.e. older than 15 years) and has not been playing underwater hockey for 3 months, the player may play in the U15 League with the following conditions:

  • only two development player who meets the above criteria will be considered per U15 team
  • the SAUWHF Committee will be the ruling body on the above issue and will evaluate the merits of each case and advice accordingly.