Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Procedure

Presentation of complaints during a tournament:

  • Any complaint during a game must be brought to the attention of the Chief Referee (Craig Step) within 15 minutes after the game.
  • The captain or coach of an individual or team must present their objection to the Tournament Referee within 1 hour, in writing, along with a deposit of R 200.00
  • Sufficient information and description of what/ where it happened, who was involved must be documented.

A disciplinary committee will be convened to hear any disputes or incidents and shall comprise of:

  • The Competitions Officer, the Chief Referee, the SAUWHF Hockey Officer (this will be the men or ladies representative)
  • The SAUWHF President plus one other suitable qualified referee independent to any of the teams.
  • The committee will be chaired by the Chief Referee, a decision will be made by the committee but the deciding vote is with the President.

The decision and penalty awarded by the committee is final.

  • The team/individual that is implied in the complaint is allowed representation (1 person) and witnesses (not more than 3).
  • However, only one of these persons shall have the right to address the committee.
  • Given the nature of the offence/actions the inclusion of the legal representative for the South African Underwater Hockey Federation will be included in the committee as and when requested by the committee.

In the case of a complaint lodged during the duration of the tournament for actions, offences or irregularities outside the pool, pool area or at any of the tournament functions the procedure will be as follows:

  • Complaint/incident to be reported to the President of the South African Underwater Federation.
  • Given the nature and severity of the incident the SAUWHF president will with the assistance from the Federation Executive committee and legal representative decide on the cause of action.

Note that the SAUWHF cannot stand in for civil acts of disruption, damage to property or any other illegal offence. In this event the case will be handed over to appropriate authorities, e.g. South African Police.