During round robin games, white will deliver ONE referee and black TWO suitable qualified water referees after each of their respective games.

Each team must provide a chief referee, timekeeper and scorekeeper during the periods required indicated per the Chief Referee Roster. It is the captain’s responsibility to check the roster regularly for changes.

Chief referees and water referees MUST sign the score sheets after each game. Failure to do so could result in a portion or the whole of the refundable deposit being retained.

In the event of a team not having a suitably qualified referee, the captain must make arrangements with the SAUWHF Chief Referee at least 24 hours before the games.

The SAUWHF Chief Referee will nominate referees for the semi’s and finals.

Any team failing to report for chief or water referee duties will lose their refundable deposit.

Download The Refereeing Log Sheet here.