Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

1. Tournaments will be played according to the official C.M.A.S.- rules for underwater hockey version 10.05, with the following exceptions:

  • Each round-robin and play-off match will have two halves of 10 minutes each, with a 2-minute break in between halves and games.

2. The tournament will run on a central clock which means there are:

  • No time-outs during group games.
  • No stoppage of the clock in the last 2 minutes of each game.
  • Penalty shots will be awarded as penalty goals in the last 30 seconds of pool games (except for the finals, semi-finals, and play-offs).

3. The Play-off games, Semi-finals, and Finals will be played in accordance to World Championship regulations:

  • Two halves of 15 minutes each with a 3 minute break in between.
  • Time will stop in the last 2 minutes for any stoppages or infringements of normal or over-time play.
  • Each penalty will be played and the clock will be stopped during play.
  • One time out per team per half during the final, semi-final, and play-off games.

4. The first mentioned team will play black.

5. Referee System during Pool Games White will deliver ONE referee Black TWO referees for the match following their own game. 

Water Referees need to be nominated by their teams before the commencement of the tournament and handed in at the captain’s meeting to Tournament Referee with each person’s referee qualification. All referees need a minimum 1 star qualification to be a water referee, and/or a chief referee. 

Each team must provide a chief referee, timekeeper and scorekeeper during the periods required indicated per the Chief Referee Roster. It is the captain’s responsibility to check the roster regularly for changes. 

Chief referees and water referees MUST sign the score sheets after each game. Failure to do so could result in a portion or the whole of the refundable deposit being retained. 

In the event of a team not having a suitably qualified referee, the captain must make arrangements with the SAUWHF Chief Referee at least 24 hours before the games. 

The SAUWHF Chief Referee will nominate referees for Play-off games, Semi-finals, and Finals. 

Any team failing to report for chief or water referee duties will lose their refundable deposit and the team’s standing will be subtracted by 2 points due to infringement.

6. Team Scoring System and Log Standings 
The winner of a game gets 2 points

  • Loser gets 0 points.
  • If the result is equal, each team gets 1 point.
  • If a team forfeits a game they will be subtracted with 2 points.
  • If two teams gain the same number of points (decision will be made by the following information):
    • The ranking will be the result of the match between these two teams.
    • If still equal; team who won most games will rank higher.
    • If still equal; least total number of goals against team will be the deciding factor.
    • If still undecided the winner will be decided with a coin toss.
  • If the final ends in a draw, extra time shall be played.
  • If there is no result it will be followed by sudden death.

7. Substitution
The substitutes will be side-subbing (in-water), while penalised players will be sitting at the penalty box appointed by the Chief Referee (next to the scoring table).

8. Team and Player Regulations
Players will not be allowed to play for more than one team for the duration of the tournament. Regardless if other team is in a different league. In the event of this occurring, both teams may be disqualified. This does not apply where players are playing for the “SA Elite, Junior or Masters” sides or internationals for the purpose of trials.

9. Gear and Markings
All players are required to wear protective headgear. This must be light in colour (difference identifiable by referee) when the team is playing white sticks and dark in colour (difference identifiable by referee) when the team is playing black sticks. Alternatively, unique team caps may be allowed if there is absolutely no possibility of them being confused by the caps of the opposing team/referees. The glove must be of a strongly contrasting colour to the stick. Each captain and vice-captain will be indicated with a C and VC respectively on their shoulder (>7cm) in size for the entire duration of the tournament.

10. Presence of Coach in Water
The coach is allowed in the water only during his/ her own team’s game and if he/ she is wearing a clearly identifiable coloured cap not to be confused with players or referees (i.e. Green). Further, the presence of the coach should not touch, move or block the view of the referee or camera. If coach is guilty, team will be liable for fine or risk losing team deposit.

11. Participation Clause
Neither the SAUWHF, nor Tournament Officials can be held responsible for any harm to participants and/or loss or damage to their possessions during the tournament. Each individual is participating in the tournament at their own risk.

12. Team Conduct
The team managers, coach, and/or Captain are responsible and can be held accountable for the behaviour of their team members. All behaviour should be aligned with SAUWHF Code of Conduct. If individual or team does not play tournament in a good manner or if party does not follow the SAUWHF Code of Conduct. Individual or team can be liable for losing team deposit, suspension or have a disciplinary hearing regarding the issue.

13. General
In all cases not stipulated in C.M.A.S. ruling or tournament rules, the organising committee will decide.