SAUWHF Constitution

The objectives below is an extract from the SAUWHF Constitution.

  1. To be and to operate and to function as an autonomous controlling and administrative body of the sport of underwater hockey within South Africa
  2. To promote, foster and control the playing of underwater hockey within South Africa
  3. To select national teams and to apply through SASCOC to award national colours to the players representing South Africa.
  4. To organise, promote and supervise the playing of tournaments and championships.
  5. To uphold and enforce the rules of Underwater Hockey as prescribed by CMAS, and to promote the highest standard of sportsmanship in connection with the playing of the sport.
  6. To uphold and enforce any code of conduct pertaining to the sport approved by CMAS, and or any other code of conduct as decided on by the Federation.
  7. To maintain membership of CMAS, and to co-operate with CMAS and any other international, national, provincial or regional association as approved by the Executive committee from time to time.
  8. To raise funds whether by subscription, affiliation, levies or otherwise.
  9. To encourage and provide assistance for the training of all underwater hockey players, officials and administrators to improve their skills and qualifications

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