20th CMAS World Underwater Hockey Championships 2018

Invitation from the CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission:

On behalf of the CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission, I would like to invite you to the 20th CMAS World Underwater Hockey Championships to be hosted in Quebec City, Canada.

The sport continues to grow and we have set a target of having 50 teams from at least 16 countries competing. To allow this number of teams, the event will be 2 days longer in duration to permit all teams to attend the Championship.

The organising team is well underway with preparations and we expect you will join us to experience a very memorable and happy time in the beautiful city of Quebec City.

Tristan Reynard
Tournament Director
CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission

Invitation from organisers:

On behalf of the Canadian Underwater Games Association, Club de Hockey Subaquatique Québec (CHSQ), Université Laval campus and Quebec City, we are pleased to invite players from across the world to compete at the 20th CMAS World Underwater Hockey Championships from July 18th -28th 2018.

The venue for the Championship is the Sports and Physical Education Pavilion Pool (Pavillon d’éducation physique et des sports (PEPS) pool), located at the heart of Université Laval campus, Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada.

The date of the event is from Wednesday 18th July until Saturday 28th July 2018. We look forward to hosting the best in the world in our beautiful city and thank CMAS and the Underwater Hockey Commission for providing this exciting challenge and opportunity.

Marie-Renee Blanchet
HSQ Underwater Hockey Club President,
For the organising committee

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