South African Underwater Hockey Federation

New Leadership Roles: Heine Engelbrecht and Linda Stephen Take the Helm

When it comes to dedication and passion for underwater hockey, few individuals embody these qualities more than Linda Stephen and Heine Engelbrecht. With years of invaluable contributions to the South African Underwater Hockey Federation SAUWHF, their recent appointments mark a new chapter for both of them.

Heine Engelbrecht: A Legacy of Leadership

Heine’s journey in underwater hockey began in 2006 when his son, Dieter, first took up the sport. From that point on, Heine’s involvement grew exponentially when is other sons, Reinart, Elrich and Eckard all joined their brother Dieter, not only in the sport but all went to play for South Africa.   In 2010, he assumed the role of President for SAUWHF Juniors, a position he held with unwavering commitment. Under his leadership, the junior division saw remarkable growth, and he also served as a Manager for Junior players on international tours and continues to do so with Worlds 2024.

Heine’s strong moral compass and dedication to ethical principles were instrumental in securing the financial stability of SAUWHF Juniors. His tenure saw the implementation of crucial policies, safeguarding the future of junior players.

After a well-deserved break from administrative duties in 2018, fate had other plans. Heine was called upon to step into the position of SAUWHF Seniors President, a role he embraced with his characteristic stability and steadfastness. Recently, when SAUSF needed a new President, Heine’s nomination was met with unanimous approval.

While his departure from SAUWHF is a significant loss, SAUSF gains an irreplaceable leader in Heine Engelbrecht.

Linda Stephen: Pioneering Change and Growth

Linda’s involvement in underwater hockey was ignited by her son’s participation, a common path for many parents. Since her appointment as RSA Teams Manager in 2014, Linda has demonstrated exceptional organisational skills and project management acumen.

Joining the Senior Executive Board as Secretary in 2016 and taking on the role of Juniors Secretary, Linda’s influence extended across both divisions. In 2021, she ascended to the position of Junior President, automatically assuming the role of Vice-President in Seniors.

Linda’s extensive background in project management was instrumental in managing SAUWHF’s documentation portfolio. She tirelessly ensured that policies and procedures were kept up-to-date and streamlined the website management process.

Under Linda’s leadership, the rebranding of Juniors to Age Group, aligning age categories and groups, was a milestone. She spearheaded the creation of the UPL (Underwater Hockey Premier League), affectionately known as the Beach and Bush, in its inaugural year.

Together, a Formidable Team

Linda and Heine’s close collaboration with the CMAS Underwater Hockey Board has been instrumental in fostering international relationships and promoting the sport on a global scale. Heine’s proposal of Linda for the position of Secretary, subsequently renamed Secretary-General by CMAS, showcases the depth of their partnership.

As they embark on their new roles, we extend our warmest wishes to Heine and Linda. The organisations they now represent are undoubtedly fortunate to have such dedicated and visionary leaders at the helm. We anticipate a bright future for SAUSF and CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission under their guidance. Their legacy in the underwater hockey community is bound to leave a lasting impact.