South African Underwater Hockey Federation

Age Group Trialists

Worlds 2024 - Malaysia
About the Team:

In anticipation of the 6th CMAS Age Group World Championships set to take place in Malaysia in July 2024, SAUWHF is gearing up with four formidable teams under the guidance of experienced coaches, led by the accomplished Head Coach Pamela Mackor.

The trialing process for the Age Group World Championships is an intensive and thorough journey. It commenced with two highly successful camps; the first was the Wildebeest Camp held in June, followed by the recently concluded September Camp, with the final selection camp taking place in January 2024.  These camps provide a platform for coaches to assess the strengths and areas of improvement for each trialing player.

Under the mentorship of esteemed coaches Jean Bester (U24 Ladies), Roger Bester (U24 Men), Hendri Mouton (U19 Ladies), and Elrich Engelbrecht (U19 Men), the trialists are given opportunities to showcase their skills, teamwork, and dedication.

One of the most notable changes this year is the addition of Development Coaches Riaan le Roux and Anton Barnardo to the coaching team. This initiative demonstrates SAUWHF’s commitment to nurturing coaching talent within the federation. By exposing these coaches to international competitions, they can bring back invaluable insights and techniques to enrich the local underwater hockey community.

Jean Bester -U24 Ladies:

A seasoned coach with a wealth of experience in underwater hockey, Jean Bester brings a combination of technical knowledge and motivational skills to the U24 Ladies team. Her strategic approach to coaching has led to numerous successes in past championships.

Roger Bester -U24 Men:

As a coach with an extensive background in underwater hockey, Roger Bester brings a tactical edge to the U24 Men’s team. His ability to analyse and adapt to different game situations has made him a respected figure in the underwater hockey community.

Hendri Mouton – U19 Ladies:

With coaching being his chosen career path not only as a competitive swim coach, but also a national underwater hockey coach, Hendri brings with him a wealth on learnt knowledge. With a keen eye for talent and a nurturing coaching style, Hendri Mouton has been instrumental in shaping the U19 Ladies team. His ability to identify and develop the potential of young players has been a key factor in the team’s development.

Elrich Engelbrecht – U19 Men:

Elrich Engelbrecht brings a unique blend of passion and technical expertise to the U19 Men’s team. His hands-on approach and commitment to player development have been instrumental in the team’s growth.

With the final selection camp scheduled for January, the journey towards the Age Group World Championships enters a critical phase. The announcement of the selected teams will mark the beginning of an intense period of preparation. Under the guidance of the dedicated coaching staff, the chosen players will undergo rigorous training, honing their skills and building the chemistry necessary for success on the international stage.

The SAUWHF’s approach to the Age Group Trialing Process for the 6th CMAS Age Group World Championships reflects a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. With a blend of experienced coaches and the introduction of Development Coaches, the federation is poised for a strong showing in Malaysia. As the teams forge ahead in their preparations, the entire underwater hockey community eagerly awaits the chance to support and cheer for our talented athletes.

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