South African Underwater Hockey Federation

More About Underwater Hockey

Why play Underwater Hockey?

Underwater Hockey is one of the most interesting and fun sports out there.

Played on the bottom of the pool with sticks, gloves, masks and fins it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a real 3D game where you must learn when to dive down, use your awesome skills and pass off to your teammates to score against the opposing team.

Oh, and you can’t communicate!

Overall, underwater hockey offers a unique blend of physical fitness, mental challenge, and social interaction that can be highly rewarding for those who give it a try.

How is underwater hockey played?

Two teams consisting of six players per team enter the water. Before the start of play the puck is placed in the middle of the pool with both teams in the water, on either side touching the wall above the goals they are defending. At the start-of-play players hold their breath as they dive to the bottom of the pool while both teams – free to swim anywhere in the play area – try to score by maneuvering the puck into the opponents’ goal.

Games consist of two halves, typically ten to fifteen minutes and a short half-time interval. At half time the two teams switch ends.