South African Underwater Hockey Federation

Participation Agreement

I hereby acknowledge as an athlete/player, coach, official, administrator, parent, volunteer or spectator affiliated to South Africa Underwater Hockey Federation that I have read and understood the Behaviour Management Policy, Disciplinary Procedures and Codes of Conduct. I understand that by registering as a member of SAUWHF I agree that:

  • I will be subject to and abide by the provisions of the Behaviour Management Policy, Codes of Conduct and other Policies and Codes (including Constitutions, Codes, By-laws, Rules and Regulations of Sports Governing Bodies to which Clubs, Provinces, National Juniors, National Elite and Masters are affiliated to).
  • I will pay the national and local federations’ annual subscription fees, competition/tournament/tour fees and training camp fees, if applicable, and any other fees determined by the federation;
  • I will show respect for myself and other participants/people, regardless of age, culture, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social or marital status, disability and race;
  • I will participate to the best of my abilities and learn to earn the trust of other participants of the federation, club and province to which I am associated;
  • I will play my part in making my sports environment a place where all federation members (players, managers, coaches, officials, administrators, parents, volunteers and spectators) are treated with respect and consideration;
  • I will refrain from any activity that has the potential of bringing the federation, to which I am associated, into disrepute;
  • I will indemnify the SAUWHF or my Provincial Federation or Club or any of its employees, officials or agents for any personal injury, illness, damage or loss of any nature whatsoever that I may sustain (and which includes, without limitation, any loss of property) which results, directly or indirectly, from my participation in underwater hockey, whether on the federations’ premises, making use of the federations’ facilities or equipment, from any act or omission by the federation or its officials, employees, contractors or agents, save for negligence or deliberate commission or omission on the part of the SAUWHF, Provincial Federation or Club or its officials, employees, contractors or agents, or otherwise;
  • I will moreover defend, indemnify and hold harmless the SAUWHF, its officials, employees, contractors and/or agents for and against any action or claim by any person (including, without limitation, my parents) as a result of any personal injury, illness, damage or loss suffered by me as set out hereinabove;
  • I shall be liable to the SAUWHF, Provincial Federation and or Club for any damage or loss caused as a result of any act or omission on my part;
  • I understand that should I choose not to comply with This Policy and Codes of Conduct, I will be subject to disciplinary action, which could result in my suspension of play for a period of time or the termination of my membership of the SAUWHF, Provincial Federation and or Club.