South African Underwater Hockey Federation

SA’s Fearless U24 Ladies


When the U24 ladies found themselves with only 6 players in their team to take on the rest of South Africa, they were offered a few choices by Coach Jean Bester; look for more players, abandon ship or play with their current committed team-mates.

It was not even a choice for these fearless ladies; they remained faithful to themselves and the true spirit of being in a team and decided to take on the rest of SA with just 6 players.

“We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other”.

Winning with 6 players in no easy feat, and these young players were determined to do well at this competition which meant dedication to training and fitness.

Their hard work and never-give-up attitude, paid-off with them winning Gold at the Beach and Bush RSA’s Best vs The Rest UPL Tournament.

We congratulate and salute these players – the future Elites of South Africa.

Olivia Langston           Captain

Michelle Joyce             Vice Captain

Disney van der Walt

Luria van der Walt

Abigail Dowries

Skye Boshoff