South African Underwater Hockey Federation

Kudos to our Beach & Bush Ref’s & Scorers

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For the first time ever in a SAUWHF tournament, players were not required to score or referee any of the games.

To achieve this, a team of a minimum of 16 referees was required.  Unfortunately, only 10 Referees came forward to volunteer for Ref duty at this tournament.  Many of them, first-timers having just completed their Level 1 course. 

The fact that they were only a team of 10 and many with very little experience did not deter them; they jumped in with gusto, making some good calls and some not-so-good calls, but at the end of the day, the players got to experience a tournament in the true sense of the word, they came to play and that is all they had to do. 

Unlike the players, who had a break in-between game, these referees worked on a cycle of 3 games back-to-back with one game break for TWO DAYS.  Our experienced Chief Referees were unfortunately not so lucky, and ref’d for two days with minimal relief.

Our thanks go to the referees who we trust have gained invaluable experience, our scorers who gave of their time so willingly and our players, who allowed our newer referees a safe space to grow and develop.

We salute you!

Samantha Kemp                 Tournament Referee
Heine Engelbrecht             Chief Referee
Johan Coetzer                     Chief Referee
Francois Bezuidenhout      Water Referee
Joshua Wattrus                   Water Referee
Kevin Langston                   Water Referee
Nico Bos                               Water Referee
Richard Phillips                   Water Referee
Stefan Köstlin                      Water Referee
Stephan Keys                       Water Referee
(Wouter Jooste                    Relief Chief Ref)


Charmaine Elferink
Adelia Cooke
Bonita Koch
Coria Stoltz
Deon Konig
Jess Cooke
Jozet Muller
Lynn Dowries
Yda van der Post

International Tournament 2022