South African Underwater Hockey Federation

Nic & Ali – U19 Player of the Tournament 2022


Nicolas Lipinski and Ali Bonaconsa, winners of the coveted U19 Player of the Tournament Trophies, both heil from Tridents, the home of Western Province Juniors.

Nic, as he is known, started his career in 2018 and has played in in five Junior Nationals, one Senior Nationals and one Inter-clubs’ tournament.  Over this period, Nic has medalled in each tournament he has taken part in; 2 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze at Junior Nationals, a silver at Senior Nationals and a bronze at Inter-clubs. 

Nic play who plays 6, halfback or 3 is comfortable in all these positions, is currently trialing for the South African Team for the Beach and Bush Tournament and for Age Group Worlds 2024.

Outside of underwater hockey, Nic enjoys running, photography, cycling and music, which he excels at, having received a music honours award as well as being selected into the National Schools Jazz Band on 2 occasions.

Ali, playing as a forward, started playing underwater hockey late in 2020 and has played in two Junior Nationals, one Senior Nationals and Inter-clubs.  Being passionate about underwater hockey, she has also ensured that she has been part of most of the local tournaments as well, which just proves that time in the water brings results.

Ali attends Rustenburg Girls High School, in Cape Town and is very involved in many of the sports the school has to offer; she has achieved the cross-country award, 2nd place in the largest Water Polo Western Cape tournament and first in the Netball B league category.

Ali is not singularly focused on sport but has done a lot of volunteering and had the privilege of going to Madagascar to help disabled children learn new skills.

Ali’s response to our questions, “I really enjoy the outdoors it’s a place to breath and regroup, I have a love for sports and have done almost every sport throughout the duration of my schooling. I spend a lot of time with the people that are close to me, they always motivate me and help me reach my full potential. I have a fascination with psychology and hope to have a career involving helping people”.

Congratulations to Nic and Ali on your achievements.