South African Underwater Hockey Federation

Top Gaol Scorers Inter-clubs 2021


Tatton started playing in 2015 and plays for Durban Underwater Club (DUC), the hosts of this year’s Inter-Club Tournament.  Tatton’s home Province is KwaZulu-Natal, who she has represented a few times at Senior Nationals.

Tatton has played internationally representing RSA at the Age Group U23 World Tournament in 2017 in Hobart then played for the SA Touring team who when to Hawaii in 2017 in preparation for the Worlds in 2018 in Canada where she represented the RSA Elite Ladies team.

Tatton also was announced as part of the 2020 RSA Team which was due to play in Australia, but due to Covid this tournament has been re-scheduled.

When asked what she likes most about underwater hockey, Tatton’s response was, “Underneath the water, you cannot talk to each other verbally, but there is so much communication with one another. That is the thing I like most about underwater hockey, how you can link with your team mates without even saying one word. It truly gives you goose-bumps”.


Ryan started playing underwater hockey in 2010 with the Christ Church Club.  He has played for a number of clubs in his underwater hockey career; Gauteng North Development, Gauteng Junior and Senior. We he studied in Stellenbosch, he played for Maties, the local club and also played for Cape Town Underwater Hockey Club.

Ryan has represented South Africa three times; U19 in 2015 Spain and Captain in 2017 Hobart and then again for the U24’s in Sheffield in 2019.

When asked what he likes most about underwater hockey, Ryan’s response was, “The thing I like the most about underwater hockey is the uniqueness of the underwater sport and the family I’ve built over the years”.


Simeon started playing underwater hockey in 2010 and his first every Junior Nationals was held in Rustenburg.

Growing up in Potchefstroom his club was Potch Sub Aqua but with his relocation to the Western Cape he now finds himself training with two clubs, MUC and Cape Town Underwater Hockey.

When his home-town club needed him for Inter-Clubs, he took up the call and what a wonderful achievement of obtaining a silver medal in the Men’s B Category, but also being the top goal sorcerer in this category.

Simeon has also represented RSA in the U/19 Men’s team in 2015 in Spain and then again in 2017 which took place in Hobart, Australia, being selected as the Vice-Captain for this U19 side.

When asked what he liked most about underwater hockey, Simeon’s response was, “The people.  The people in this community are the most beautiful and most unique individuals you could ever find in the world. They make you feel like nothing out there matters more than the immediate moment in which you find yourself with them. Be it conversations outside of the pool, or playing a game in the pool. Be it in opposing teams or in the same team. It’s one big family, where love and support are in abundance and it’s amazing how such a small yet growing and connected community can make things happen and keep this sport going. Thank you to everyone contributing to this incredible and unforgettable sport. Without each other, we would just be individuals but together we all are Underwater Hockey”.