South African Underwater Hockey Federation

New Leadership Roles: Heine Engelbrecht and Linda Stephen Take the Helm

Heine Engelbrecht assumes the esteemed role of President at SAUSF, bringing visionary leadership and a wealth of experience. His dedication promises a bright future for SAUSF. We are delighted to announce Linda Stephen as the newly appointed Secretary General of the CMAS Underwater Hockey Commission.

Inter-Clubs 2021

This has been the first senior competition since 2019 and thanks to Nicole Meadows and DUC it was a great success. Unfortunately, due to last minute Covid restrictions MORE-SPORT were unable to send their journalists and a team, as well as a number of international players not being able to participate. This did little to […]

Top Gaol Scorers Inter-clubs 2021

TATTON BOURAS – TOP GOAL SCORER – OPEN LADIES Tatton started playing in 2015 and plays for Durban Underwater Club (DUC), the hosts of this year’s Inter-Club Tournament.  Tatton’s home Province is KwaZulu-Natal, who she has represented a few times at Senior Nationals. Tatton has played internationally representing RSA at the Age Group U23 World […]

Junior Nationals 2022

I We were very pleased to have Fin Swimming return to the competition this year and thank West Coast for taking on the mammoth task to co-ordinate and host. The event was held at the Strand Municipal Pool on the evening preceding Junior Nationals. The Best Fin Swimmer Trophies in the respective categories went to […]

Nic & Ali – U19 Player of the Tournament 2022

Int Nicolas Lipinski and Ali Bonaconsa, winners of the coveted U19 Player of the Tournament Trophies, both heil from Tridents, the home of Western Province Juniors. Nic, as he is known, started his career in 2018 and has played in in five Junior Nationals, one Senior Nationals and one Inter-clubs’ tournament.  Over this period, Nic […]

Kudos to our Beach & Bush Ref’s & Scorers

T For the first time ever in a SAUWHF tournament, players were not required to score or referee any of the games. To achieve this, a team of a minimum of 16 referees was required.  Unfortunately, only 10 Referees came forward to volunteer for Ref duty at this tournament.  Many of them, first-timers having just […]

SA’s Fearless U24 Ladies

U24 When the U24 ladies found themselves with only 6 players in their team to take on the rest of South Africa, they were offered a few choices by Coach Jean Bester; look for more players, abandon ship or play with their current committed team-mates. It was not even a choice for these fearless ladies; […]

The U24 Ladies do it again

The U24 Ladies, Captained by Eleanor de Kock, have once again returned to RSA with a medal, making all South African’s very proud. The U24 Group consisted of 7 countries including South Africa;  Argentina, Columbia, France, Great Britain, Netherlands and New Zealand. It was always going to be tough against teams like Columbia, France, GB […]

Beach & Bush: RSA’s Best vs The Rest – UPL Tournament

U GET RANKED and DRAFTED With the lack of international participation to challenge the Age Group RSA teams in the Beach and Bush Tournament, South African players were drafted into teams to challenge RSA’s Best Age Group players. Players were ranked based on information supplied on entry into the competition. Captains were selected by the […]

Player Spotlight – Liam Elferink

Gauteng homeboy, Liam Elferink started playing underwater hockey at the age of 12 and plays for Normal Air Club (NUC).  He is a mid-centre who acknowledges is best achievement (prior to Wolds 2019) was receiving the Player of the Tournament at Junior Nationals 3 years in a row.  His proudest moment in UWH was the […]